BattleLax is a Northern Virginia based premier select travel lacrosse program that provides offseason lacrosse opportunities for elite-level lacrosse players from U9 through High School.


BattleLax HS (Elite/Varsity/JV) Team


Location:  Highland School

597 Broadview Ave, Warrenton, VA 20186

Dates:  Sundays, Sept 10th and Sept 17th Times:  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm



Location:  Highland School

597 Broadview Ave, Warrenton, VA 20186

Dates:  Sundays, Sept 24th to October 22nd

Times:  Varsity team - 11:00AM - 1:00 PM

         J.V. Team – 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

       J.V. Practice Team - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM



Head Coach for these teams will be Rich Klares

Varsity Coaches:  Dan Puhlick ,Scott Begley, 

Junior Varsity  Coaches:  Shawn Dappen 

 Recruiting Coordinator: Coach Klares - - (703) 405-1466




High School (2018 to 2021):

·        We will have two teams at the HS age group:


o   Varsity – This team will be playing at the Varsity level or 2019 level in tournaments.  Generally this team will be 2019/2020 players, but younger players maybe pulled up if needed and if they are ready to compete at this level.

o   JV – This team will be playing at the JV division or 2020/2021 division.  Generally this team will be 2020/2021 players.   No 2018 players on this team.


·        Our high school teams will play in all the same tournaments.. 


·        The following are the high school tournaments for the fall:

o   Sunday, October 29th – Lax Federation Fall Invitational – Maplezone Sports Village – Ashton PA - - one day tournament just south of Philadelphia.  Should be a good warm-up and some good college recruiting exposure.

o   Sunday, November 5th – Fall LAX Invitational – Annapolis, MD  -  This is a two day tournament but we are only doing Sunday.  Historically Sunday is a better day for recruiting at this tournament and we are working as best we can to avoid conflicts with players playing VEL on Saturdays with their high schools.

o   Saturday and Sunday, November 11th and 12th – FLG in 3D Fall Shootout - Delaware Turf Sports Complex, 4000 Bay Rd, Frederica, DE - -  We are doing both days at this tournament and this is our prime event.


·        Tournament plans are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. 

·        Practices will generally be on Sundays.

·        Cost for players selected to the BattleLax HS  teams will be a $695 Roster Fee per player in addition to the non-refundable Registration Fee. 

·        Uniforms remain the same as last Summer.  The uniforms are not included in the roster fee.  They are available for purchase for those that need them for $100. Prices for uniforms are as follows:

o   Pinnie:                      $35

o   Shooter Shirt:           $35

o   Shorts:                      $30

o   Total:                        $100

·        Roster fees include all practices and tournament fees, the roster fee also includes:

o   Access to Lacrosse Recruits account ($199 annual fee if purchased on your own)

o   Access to services of Guidance Lacrosse ($950 two year fee if purchase separately)

·        Roster fees do not include travel expenses.  Players are expected to get to provide their own transportation and if necessary lodging for tournaments.



For questions please send an email to:     or call Jim Eckert at 571-238-7466